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Suspension Services

MRP Suspension Services

Kenny Martin and Ian Tetrick talking suspension setup trackside

Our suspension service department is headed up and directed by Kenny Martin. A former road-racer with a 2001 WERA National Endurance Championship title, brings his extensive knowledge of suspension dynamics, bike setup, geometry, and knowledge of available products to MRP's customers. Kenny has over 14 years of experience setting up bikes for racers and street riders using a wide variety of suspension products. He is constantly evaluating new products and configurations, and works closely with riders of all skill levels to discover optimal setups and implement improvements.
Having a proper suspension setup provides advantages to both street riders and dedicated racers; street riders will experience better handling and a more comfortable ride, while racers know that suspension setup is a critical key to unlocking faster laptimes at a race track. MRP Motorsports specializes in motorcycle suspension service and tuning, with a long history of satisfied customers and race wins.

Whether you're looking to go faster at the track or just want to improve your motorcycle's handling, we're ready to help you acquire, install, and tune the components that make sense for your goals and budget. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you!

We service forks and shocks found on most motorcycles today. All of our suspension work, whether a regular service, re-valve, cartridge replacement, or works services include the following:



Price (Labor)

Fork Cartridge Install

Installing an aftermarket replacement cartridge where inner tube is removed from foot. ie, 25mm or 30mm Cartridge. Includes a fork service.

$240 / $195 w/ Purchased Kit

Fork Re-Valve

Replacing stock valving with aftermarket valves (compression and/or rebound) and springs. Includes fork service.


Fork Service

Fork and cartridge disassembly, cleaning, inspection and rebuild. *Price for loose forks. Fork Removal and Install is also needed if whole bike is supplied.


Fork Seal Service

Fork body disassembly, cleaning and rebuild. *****Does not include cartridge and/or valving inspection, changes, etc.*****


Fork Travel Shortening

Changes the overall length of forks and reduces travel. ie, Drag racing, supermoto. Includes service and droop spacers


Fork Spring Install

Install fork springs, forks only, no service. Cartridges with quick change caps do not have to be removed from motorcycle. 


Fork Straightening

Can be performed on most inner and outer tubes that are not creased or out of round. Tolerance range .005"

$54 (Per Fork)

Fork Removal and Install

Remove and install forks on a motorcycle. Price varies for type of motorcycle. Sportbike, Goldwing, etc.


Fork Coatings

Fork coatings reduce seal drag and friction improving suspension movement while also adding a bit of style to your motorcycle.  

     TiN Coating

                                     TiN coated fork tubes


     DLC Coating

                                 DLC coated fork tubes $495
     Rainbow PVD Coating

                                     Rainbow PVD Coating


Suspension Baseline

Set race sag for a motorcycle and rider. Adjust external compression and rebound damping.

Shop $103, Track side $55

Shock Re-Valve

Replace stock valve and valving with aftermarket. Includes shock service.


Shock Service

Shock, disassemble, clean, inspection, rebuild, vacuum bleed, dyno tested.*Price for loose shock only. Shock Removal and Install is required if whole bike is supplied 


Nitrogen Refill, Charge

Re-charge shock with nitrogen. *Loose shock only


Shock Removal and Install

Remove and install shock on a motorcycle. Price varies for type of motorcycle. Sportbike, Godwing, etc.


Shock Dynometer Testing

Verify valving installation. Record baseline setup. Problem diagnoses. Included on services with aftermarket shocks.


Steering Damper Rebuild

Disassemble, inspect, clean, rebuild, vacuum bleed


Preload adj, Rebuild

Rebuild shock spring preload adjuster, vacuum bleed