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Repair and Maintenance

In addition to our dyno tuning and suspension services, we also offer a full range of repair and maintenance services, including, but not limited to, the following.
Labor prices are set to single service. Combining services and/or parts purchase may decrease individual item service prices.

Please call us at 410-544-5113 or email Service  for any questions or detailed pricing information.



Price (Labor)

Brake Lines

Install aftermarket, steel, carbon brake line kits


Brake ABS Removal, line install

Install ABS brake line system, or Removal of ABS system and install brake line kit for racing, usually includes pump modification


First Service

Every new bike needs service after the first 600 miles. What this service consists of varies by bike based on manufactures recommendations.

$252-$425, Varies by make/model

Tune Up 1

Change oil and oil filter, check all fluids, inspect and clean air filter, lubricate cables and chain, general inspection of unit


Tune Up 2

Change oil and oil filter, replace spark plugs, check all fluids, inspect and clean air filter, lubricate cables and chain, synchronize carburetors/throttle body, general inspection of unit.


Tune Up 3

Change oil and oil filter, replace spark plugs, check all fluids, inspect and clean air filter, lubricate cables and chain, synchronize carburetors/throttle body, check valve lash clearance, general inspection of unit


Crash Estimate/Insurance Write Up

We will provide an estimate which includes a breakdown of the cost of individual parts and labor


Power Commander, Bazzaz, Piggyback Fuel Module

Install Dynojet Power Commander PC-V or Bazzaz Zfi/FI management system. Includes on dyno calibration, TPS, Gear, etc.

$220 *most models

Bazzaz Traction Control Unit Install

Install Bazzaz ZfiTC Fuel management with traction control and quick shift. Includes function and setup on dyno. Mapping not included .


Exhaust Install

Full System - Price fluxuation varies based on complexity of OEM bodywork removal and installation.


Slip-on / Bolt-on - Side mount exhaust with slip joint at header or catalytic converter.


Sip-on / Under-tail Half system or any slip or bolt on system that has exhaust servo motor cables to remove and/or removal and install of servo bypass adaptor or plug.


Top End Rebuild

Rebuild the top end of a two stroke engine.


Cylinder Head Service

Engine only. Cylinder head removal install and degree cams. For head work only, thinner head gaskets, port polish, valve seat work, etc 


Engine Swap

Removal and install of engine in chassis


Engine Rebuild

Complete disassemble of engine, inspect, rebuild. Superbike engine, Supersport, Overbore, Stroke kits, etc


Performance Service Prep

Change oil w/ filter with safety wire on oil drain/fill & filter, check and clean or replace air filter, service brake pads & calipers, bleed brake fluid, check battery & charging system, service drive chain, inspect sprockets, inspect steering stem / wheels & wheel bearings, inspect suspension movement, and check torque on critical chassis parts


Safety wire Riding Prep

Drill, safety wire, coolant replacement, prep bike for racing or track day service. Set for WERA tech requirements, other organizations will vary for less strict controls

$472.50- $630

Chassis Service

Service chassis. Swingarm pivot, suspension linkage, steering stem, axles, calipers, flush/bleed brakes, clean air filter and bike. 


Fuel Tank Dry Break

Steel flange (112-001) for IMS female receiver fuel tank modification. Price includes flange, IMS receiver sold separate.

  • IMS DRY BREAK RECEIVER INSTALLED 1 IMS Flange install 2 IMS Flange install 3
  • (Click Images for larger version)


Steering Stem Service

Steering stem bearing replacement


Clean Carburetor

Remove, disassemble, clean, assemble, re-install, balance/synchronize

Single/Twin Cylinder


Three or more carburetor per cylinder. Remove, disassemble, clean, assemble, re-install, balance/synchronize


Chain and Sprocket Install

Remove and install front/rear sprockets and drive chain.


Clutch Replacement

Replace clutch, most slipper clutch / lockup's installation


Valve Check

Inspect valve lash clearance.


Oil Change

Change oil and oil filter.


Jet Kit Install

Installation of jet kit for a four cylinder engine



TIG/MIG for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

$95 per hour

Tire Mount and Balance

Wheel on a Sportbike / Naked standard, etc.

$73.50(per wheel)

$90-$130 Front wheel Cruiser & Wing

Rear Wheel on a Cruiser

$100-$125 (Rear price)


$180-$220 (Rear price)